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Details on interests

[personal profile] hatman posted this meme in his journal, and I decided to play along.

Comment to this entry, and I will pick 7 interests from your profile, and then you give more details about them. Mine are below, under the cut.

1. bucky katt - a character in the comic strip Get Fuzzy (newspapers). It's a strip about a guy, his cat, Bucky, and his dog, Satchel. I have two cats myself, and can totally relate to various things Bucky does in the strip.

2. Christine McVie - a (sadly) former member of Fleetwood Mac, one of my favorite bands. I've been lucky enough to see them twice in concert, considering that they had broken up until they reformed in 1997. She also had a solo career, before joining Fleetwood Mac, and in the 80's, where they all went and did a bit of solo work.

3. Mercedes Lackey - a fantasy author I enjoy. She has written many different books, but my favorites are the ones in the Last Herald-Mage trilogy.

4. Plano - Plano, TX, to be specific. A place I used to live, and where one set of my parents still live, along with my 2 younger sisters. I really liked it down there, despite the heat, and would move back if I could. However, my partner says he will never move there.

5. Quarterflash - a band that was popular in the 80's, classified as a one hit wonder. It was the first album I remember listening to at home when I was 4, and had a song on it I really liked - Harden My Heart. Of course, I had no clue what that song was really about then, but I just liked it.

6. Thermodynamic Padma - Padma is a character from the webcomic Friendly Hostility, which is a spin-off of her first webcomic, Boy Meets Boy. I forget exactly why, but the creator of the strip, Sandra, asked that fans put this as an interest in their profile. I forget where the thermodynamic part comes from, its been a while. The strip is ending soon, and she has a new one she will be working on, with different characters, I believe.

7. Video Game music - this is because I like the music from video games, and have purchased/collected it, and listen to it like I would regular music. And these days, with the games getting bigger, music in video games is including words, and being included in the cut scenes. Game companies are also releasing official soundtracks, reworked, remixed, orchestral - any way you could want it. I have found many sites/communities dedicated to it - you could easily find music from most games starting back in the original Nintendo system.