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Updating, and thoughts...

For starters, I just saw the other day that I haven't updated this thing in 16 weeks, or 4 months, according to what might be the new info page. So I suppose it's time to do the occasional update.

So here I sit, at Borders. This isn't as boring as it sounds, despite the fact that I have spent many a Friday night at a bookstore, simply looking around and being entirely too picky about what authors I will read, seeing as how my current favorite authors are not putting out books fast enough for me, but that's another post, perhaps. Speaking of which, anyone feel free to suggest new authors for me. Cari, I imagine you have at least one for me. :)

So I'm sitting at Borders, typing away on my laptop. And not just any laptop, but my iBook G4. Therefore, I am cool...right? Something about bookstores/coffeehouses where if you have a laptop with wireless, a cellphone (check), and a PDA (whoops - it's in the laptop bag) you seem to be cool. It's like some sort of status symbol or something - "I have a laptop and wireless and I'm at a coffeehouse!" I used to think these types were just snobs, but not quite. Not to say that all of these people are trying to show off or something, because some are legitimately doing classwork, or other things. But some seem to be there just to take up space. You don't see that they purchased anything, but yet they are taking up usable space. Of course, the establishment won't throw them out, as it's a "possible" sale. So anyway, have I gone and joined the same group of people who I previously held disdain for? In a way, yes. However, anyone who knows me well enough knows I'm not a snob (or at least, I don't think I am, and if anyone does, they certainly haven't said anything), and I'm not just using up space - I bought a drink. Actually, it seems to be more out of a sense of wanting to belong. I've had this feeling lately, that I don't belong to a group. My friends are mainly in Texas, but even then, that group has slowly gone away - marriages, moving away, losing touch with others. I don't even feel that I belong with my own age group somehow...which is odd, because I think plenty of people my age are trying to save, get a house, and all that other stuff. So there would be a group of us. So am I trying to "join" some elite group of people who spend all their time in coffee shops/bookstores? Or am I just a impostor, or "poser" as all the cool kids say these days?

Maybe this all stems from not really belonging to a group in high school. Which Adam says I need to get over already. And I don't disagree, but...still I can't let go. Why wasn't I popular? I mean, yes, I had friends, and I appreciate having them and lots of fun was had, though sadly we didn't have the same classes and only met up at lunch and after school. And some of the others in the group were just as unpopular as I was, and we didn't hang out at school, for fear that in our togetherness, we would be even more unpopular or an easier target to be made fun of. So even then, the group I belonged to, wasn't really a group.

At any rate, thats my thoughts...rambling though they may be. I would love to discuss this with anyone, so if you want to analyze me, I'll join right in with you. :)

And now on with the typical stuff.

Wedding Reception, way after the wedding: 3 hours was too short. I think more people enjoyed the chocolate fountain than the party as a whole. Have to admit, the chocolate fountain is pretty nifty. I think I'm going to make it a requirement at any party I have. The party was quite nice, and everyone seemed to have a good time, though it was a day of being very busy. When Adam and I got home, we were feeling like it was 2AM when it was really only 11PM! People were very generous with the gifts. Currently working on thank you notes. We now have to buy a new house to hold everything, which is a shame, because I really wanted to have my espresso machine out and using it, rather than waiting to buy a house. Which is something we were working on already, but will still take like at least another year as we work on credit and down payments.

Work: Busy. Busy. Busy. A good thing. Nothing overly exciting going on, at least not until the summer. So that will appear later on.

And that's about it! Until the next eventful update, anyway.

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