Sep. 11th, 2005

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Ok, I'm getting outdone by Adam now. He suddenly decided that LiveJournal was this great thing and now he is posting like crazy all over the place, and updating his own journal. I guess that means that I need to as well.

So here is what is going on in my life. September 24th, I'm getting married. In Canada, of course - to [ profile] am_hollitz. This has been in the works for a while now, and actually, I don't think that I posted about it to my journal. I kinda just read my friends list and didn't do much else on LJ for quite some time. I don't know why, exactly. But now I'm in an update mode, so I'll take advantage of it.

Planning a wedding is easy enough, but it's the execution that is the issue. Rings, clothes, location, airline tickets, cheesecakes (see Adam's journal for more on that) and other stuff left to figure out before we go. On one hand, it dosen't seem like much, yet it is. Other than the whole issue with the rings, it's almost all taken care of. I won't bore you with that story, but it's been a pain and a half.

Another part of planning the wedding was what about the name change - when you get married, you change your name, right? Well, not always. But we decided to do so. We did lots of thinking, and played group the syllables with our last names - that didn't work very well. (Lingkow, anyone?) After much debate, and a change of mind (his) we ended up at Hollitz. This won't go in effect offiically, until all the legal work is done - which won't be until after the wedding - need to figure out how it all works with stuff like SS & bank accounts & bills and such.

In other news, work is busy as ever, and I survived the boss going on vacation and being the main person that everyone comes to with problems, plus I had a server go down at a client, which I spent 4 days at trying to keep it alive and then finally replacing the motherboard to make it stable again. Other than that, it went decently well.

Also, we needed to get a new laptop at work - and we also knew that we needed to become familiar with the Mac operating system. So we decided to get an iBook. Which I am now typing on. It will basically be my laptop, although everyone will use it at work. I also got one of the new Mighty Mouse to go with it, and today I picked up a full size keyboard as well. I'm really liking the Mac, and learning has been fun so far. I now just need to figure out how to print to my printer which is on a Windows box - its supposed to be easy to do, but it's not being easy right now. I've found some webpages on what to do, but it involves setting up Unix printing on my Windows box, amongst other things. Oh boy.

So that's about the sum of what's going on. Wedding, work, and computers.

Oh yeah. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - go see it - it's a really funny movie, I enjoyed it a lot.

There were more things that I wanted to post about, but over time I've forgotten them..shame. Maybe I will remember them soon.


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